Why I adore the late Mr Apothekebar

Most authors from decades or even centuries ago just disappear into thin air. There’s only a select few who’s work and reputation manage to stand the test of time. To a certain extent this has been the case for Mr Apothekebar. If you look online, you will probably not find any trace of him, and that is kind of why I wanted to put this site online. Mr Apothekebar’s work touched the lives of many despite the disappearance of most of his work from the public eye, and I just wanted to put a site online to put the word out there.

It’s great that you have found this site. I hope you learn plenty about this great late author, and in turn pass some of his knowledge on yourself. The way I see it he’s had an impact on lots of lives in the past but recently his work has been overlooked and that is why it is up to people like me to get his writings back out there.

Any help you can give by sharing the URL of this site with your family and friends would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you visit again soon!

Mr Apotheke’s Favorite LSAT study technique

In one of his books Mr Apotheke recommended conducting studies in a certain way. He basically wanted people to have more success in their working lives and he could see very clearly that this could best be achieved by starting right from the very beginning of the process – with studying and taking exams. Alright fair enough his teachings were not exactly specific to the LSAT test, which I guess did not even exist back in his day, but they were specific to most exams in general.

What he more or less said was that you need to choose the right study materials. This is something that you cannot get wrong. It just cannot happen because if you choose anything other than the best LSAT prep courses, in my experience you screw up the exam. And that totally sucks so it’s best to get the right materials like he said in his book.

The other really important thing he mentioned on the topic of studying was that all students should do everything they can to make sure their attitude is one that helps them progress rather than hinders their progress. He knew that even great study materials will not help you much if your attitude to learning stinks.